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Over the years, land has proven to be the best type of investment time after time. At Links Property, we help our investors realise their financial dreams by showing them just how land investment can work and the excellent financial returns they can expect.

What is new about land for sale?

Up until recently the market for land for sale was closed to private individuals. Property developers would buy and sell land within their industry. Land agents have broken the boundaries to provide land for sale direct to the public. We discuss the full range of options available and how to make the most of each opportunity.

Taking advantage of the housing shortage

With a great demand for house building and an ever decreasing supply of land it is clear to see the basics of supply and demand in operation. We discuss buying strategically to turn your profit around quickly and effciently.

Welcome to Links Property

Links Property is a market leader in offering land for sale to the public as long term investment.

Links Property source land for sale close to existing development and in areas of high housing demand. We then sub-divide the land into affordable plots for sale, large enough for a family-sized detached house or we sell as a whole.

Private buyers obtain land sales as long-term, speculative investments - if the investment land bought today without planning permission later obtains planning consent, the value of land can appreciate by many times.

Investment land has the advantage that there is currently no VAT or Stamp Duty to pay on the land for sale. In addition there are no rates to pay whilst the land remains undeveloped.

There are solid benefits to buying land for sale. Land is a tangible asset - it's real and its supply is limited. The demand for plots of land for sale, particularly in the Southeast, is soaring because of the chronic housing shortage.

Such are the gains from buying greenfield land for sale that the Government commissioned Barker Report concluded, "landowners and developers typically make windfall gains as a result of residential planning permission being granted, especially where this is on greenfield sites. These windfall or development gains result from the increase in land values, as land for housing is worth up to 300 times more than agricultural land."

So if you are looking for an investment, why not consider buying land?

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