Finding tenants

A frequently asked question from our investors is “how do we find tenants?” The truthful answer is, (which everyone is the industry knows), is WORKING AT IT. There’s an old saying that states “you get nothing for nothing”. If you want an investment where you don’t want to do anything except count monthly interest – put your money in the bank. People who are prepared to make an effort and work in the business will do well.

What happens after I have registered with Links Property?

We believe that the personal touch sets us apart from other property investment brokers in the country.

You will hear from one of our team shortly after registration. At that stage we will discuss your investment strategy, identifying your level of experience, time scales, budgets, locations considered and any other relevant issues that you would like to discuss. From there, we aim to build a personal rapport with you to give you your very own Property Investment Broker.

Am I committed to buying any properties once registered?

Certainly not! However, we spend a great deal of time in sourcing quality investments and it's likely that one of our deals will catch your attention. You should only commit to buying any property once you're confident that all due diligence has been carried out, all your questions have been answered and that your mind is at ease. If you are not 100% comfortable, we prefer that you DO NOT proceed.

When all is to your total satisfaction and you wish to proceed, we ask for a reservation fee. This is usually £2,200 for UK property, but will vary for overseas property. The reservation fee is paid to Links Property.

How do I know that the discounts offered are genuine?

All discounts offered are set at the outset of any developer's negotiation. We make sure that a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) has valued the property in question. This survey will always be available to view, as required.

If the development is off plan, there may not be an RICS valuation available. In this case, until one becomes available Links closely scrutinises the local area, considering similar properties and there current values.

Am I committed to using your recommended solicitors?

Yes. One of the reasons for the discounts is that the developer can save costs by Links Property having just one solicitor representing several purchasers. Our panel of solicitors are competitively priced, due to the amount of conveyancing they carry out on our behalf.

Equally important is working with solicitors who can deal with the legalities of gifted deposits and other deals. Our panel is always fully conversant with the specific development and the panel of lenders involved. In short, the Links solution is to have all areas of the investment property purchase covered by our own recommended team. The 28 days timescale to exchange of contracts does not allow us time to leave any areas to chance.

What support do you offer potential new investors?

Complete hand holding, step-by-step, stage-by-stage discussion, every stage documented and covered in the greatest detail. We find this removes the uncertainty and potential delays to ensure a swift, safe purchase.

Remember that you do not part with a penny until you are 100% confident that the property is the right investment for you.

As part of the service to help you build your portfolio, we can arrange letting agents and even furniture packages.

Do my details remain confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We are governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and are mindful of the security of all personal data held. All documentation and discussions are absolutely confidential. No data will be given or transferred to any other party without your agreement in advance.

How do I know that I am dealing with an ethical company?

At each stage of discussion in the sales process we will demonstrate our integrity. We have vetted every person that is involved in the process, from the developer/ builder, to mortgage broker, solicitor & letting agent. Unless we are 100% satisfied with every member of the team we do not release an opportunity into the market place.

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